GRIPPA AG has two international standards:

ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management System

In 2006, GRIPPA AG is certified to the international quality management standard and successfully undergoes the process of recertification.

 BDS ISO EN 22000: 2005 - Food safety management system

As part of the safe food chain, GRIPPA AG demonstrates its ability to control the risks of food packaging production, and in 2013 it is certified according to the International Food Safety Standard.




GRIPPA AG only works with licensed and well-established suppliers of raw materials to ensure the origin, quality and safety of packaging.



The company's production facilities carry out continuous input, production and output control.

  • Control of raw materials - polymers, coloring agents, inks and packaging material;

  • Control of the technological flow in the production stages;

  • Control of finished product.


The stages of production are also subject to three-stage monitoring by:

HACCP team - performs continuous control in the production workshops regarding the sanitary condition of the building stock, technological equipment, production personnel, as well as periodic laboratory analysis in accredited laboratories for the safety of packaging.

Company Physical-Mechanical Laboratory - controls the outgoing raw materials and finished products with respect to the physical characteristics of polymers regarding quality and reliable packaging.