GRIPPA AG is a manufacturing company established in 1996. The main activity is concentrated in the following directions:
  • Production of polymeric packages (PET, PS and PP) for the food industry;
  • Production of aluminum foil packaging for the food and pharmaceutical industry;
  • Production of small-size, polymeric packages (PET, PP and PP) for the chemical industry, plant protection preparations, etc.;
  • Production of polymeric (PET, PS and PP) technical articles;
  • Production and repair of tooling equipment and molds for thermoforming, extrusion and injection molding.
  • Foil extrusion and co-extrusion (PET and PS)
  The registered trademark of GRIPPA's products is DIPPACK and contains the following product series: 
  • DIPPACK MILK - a series of products for packaging milk and dairy products;
  • DIPPACK ICE - a series of products for ice-cream packaging;
  • DIPPACK PHARMA - a series of products for packaging pharmaceutical products;
  • DIPPACK AGRO - a series of products for packaging of chemical products and plant protection products;
  • DIPPACK TECHNO - series of polymer and metal technical products and services.
  • DIPPACK FOOD - a series of products for food packaging
  • DIPPACK FOIL - foil production (PET, PP and PS) with a wide application in the food industry and for technical purposes.
  GRIPPA AG has the appropriate technologies, equipment and qualified personnel for realizing a fully closed technological and production cycle including:
  • Projection and packaging design; Prepress and production of printed forms together with our trading partner;
  • Manufacture of instrumental equipment, technical equipment and documentation;
  • High-tech and productive capacities in the field of PET, PS and PP extrusion, thermo and vacuum molding and injection molding of polymer products, high quality multicolor printing on polymeric conical products and flexible polymer and aluminum foils, labeling incl. IML .;
  • Well-built service and maintenance base for maintenance of production equipment and tools.
  GRIPPA AG owns a fully developed, multi-level quality management system ISO-9001, backed with trained quality control personnel and relevant operating procedures and forms to ensure this. GRIPPA AG works on the standards of ISO-22000 - regulating the conditions of the working environment and strict observation of the production technologies. This is aided by the newly equipped with modern technique microbiological-physic-chemical laboratory for the study of the microbiological, chemical and physical properties and parameters of the working environment, incoming raw materials and finished products.